Sculpture in the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum
Sculpture in the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum
The museum collection holds sculptural portraits of famous actors, musicians, composers, theatre critics, ballet dancers of the mid-19th — early 21th centuries. We possess works of prominent sculptors: Nikolay Andreev, Andrey Balashov, Vladimir Beklemishev, Ivan Vitali, Sergey Volnukhin, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Gintsburg, Ivan Kavaleridze, Andrey Kostromitin, Anna Kutukova, Georgy Lavrov, Lina Po, Serafim Sudbinin, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Boris Fredman-Klyuzel, Mikhail Tseydler, Yelena Yanson-Manizer, David d'Angers, Dantan, Léon Delagrange, Bois Durci. Of great interest are self-portraits created by Alexander Lensky, Savva Mamontov, Feodor Chaliapin, Mikhail Fokine. The collection contains casts of hands and death masks of leading Soviet actors. There is also an outstanding collection of grotesque figurines by Nikolay Stepanov, a sculptor-caricaturist of the mid-19th century. In our collection online, you can see works of Paolo Troubetzkoy, Nikolay Stepanov, Mikhail Vrubel, and others. The album is being replenished.