Sats Natalya. 1903-1993
Sats Natalya. 1903-1993
Natalya Sats — stage director, professor, playwright, writer. She founded two world's first theathres for children — drama theatre and musical theatre, and greatly contributed to artistic and musical children's education. Natalya Sats was born on August 27, 1903 in Irkutsk. Her father was composer Ilya Sats, and her mother was chamber singer Anna Shchastnaya. In 1904, the family moved to Moscow. Sats graduated from the Alexander Skriabin Music College (in 1917), and from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (in 1953). In 1918, at the age of 15, Natalya Sats became the head of the children's sector at the Theatre and Music Department of the Mossovet Theatre; at the same time she initiated the foundation of the Mossovet Children's Theatre. In 1920-1921 Natalya Sats directed the State Theatre for Children. In 1921 she founded the Moscow Theatre for Children (currently the Russian Academic Youth Theatre). In 1937 Sats was arrested as a "family member of a traitor to the Motherland" and sent to a labor camp. Later, in 1943, she moved to Kazakhstan, where she worked as a director of the Alma-Ata Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 1944 she created the first Theatre for Children and Youth in Kazakhstan. In 1958, after her rehabilitation, Natalya Sats returned to Moscow. In 1965, she founded the Moscow Children's Musical Theatre (currently the Moscow State Academic Children's Musical Theatre named after Natalya Sats), which she ran until 1993. In the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum online collection you can find items related to Natalya Sats’s productions at the Moscow Theatre for Children, Moscow Children's Musical Theater, and others. There are also archival documents and photographs of Natalya Sats in life.