Stenberg Vladimir. 1899-1982
Stenberg Vladimir. 1899-1982
Stenberg Vladimir 1899-1982 Stenberg Georgiy 1900-1933 A father of Vladimir and Georgiy Stenberg was a Sweden artist Johann Carl August Stenberg who was a first teacher for his sons. Since 1912 brothers studied in the Stroganov School of Applied Art at the departments of coinage, painting on enamel and porcelain and at the department of theatrical design. In 1915 Vladimir worked as an artist at the cinema factory of A. Khanzhonkov and in the Kiev Operetta Theater. In 1916 he designed operetta spectacles with his father in Moscow. Vladimir and Georgiy studied in the State Free Art Shops at the department of monumental painting, sculpture, architectural graphics and applied sciences. Brothers presented their works made of glass and metal at the first exhibition of Community of Young Artists in 1919, and at the further exhibitions in 1920, 1921 and 1923 as well. Their main field of activity was theater and posters (play-bills and propaganda-posters). In 1922 under the recommendation of G. Yakulov, Vladimir and Georgiy came to Tairov’s theater as designers, but director saw the brothers’ potential to be a theatrical artists. Almost for ten years brothers were chief artists of Chamber Theater. Vladimir and Georgiy participated in exhibitions in USSR and abroad, designed streets and buildings, expositions, covers of books and magazines and created architectural projects.