Moscow, The Theatre Art Studio
Moscow, The Theatre Art Studio
The Theatre Art Studio
Name’s existence
Since June 2005
Sergey Zhenovach and his graduates set up the theatre in 2005. Zhenovach became the art director. Stagings were highly contributed by the scenographer Alexander Borovsky and the composer Grigory Gobernik. Among the first productions there were "The Boys", "As You Like It", "Ob-lo-mov-schina". The repertoire has been based on lesser-known classics of world literature. In 2008, the Studio gained its own building - the very building where Konstantin Stanislavsky once launched a theatre for factory workers. Zhenovach and his like-minded colleagues designed a homely space to build a deeper connection with the audience: a bookcase where a visitor could borrow a book and a long table at which spectators could communicate. Treats also help to create the atmosphere: for instance, before “The Three Sisters”, you could enjoy pies and admire lilacs. In our album “Stage director Sergey Zhenovach” you can find items telling the story of the theatre: posters, programs, photos - from "A Family in Decline" (2006) to "Three Sisters" (2018).