Tairov Alexander. 1885-1950
Tairov Alexander. 1885-1950
Alexander Tairov is Russian Director, one of the reformers of the stage, the organizer and Director of the Chamber theater. He strove for "synthetic theatre", the education of virtuoso actor, still owning the techniques of musical and pantomimic art, the creation of the new scenic environment — plastic. Among productions of this theatre were "Famira Kifared", "Salome", "Phaedra", "Optimistic tragedy", "Madame Bovary". Tairov was born in the Ukrainian city of Romney the teacher's family. While still in Kiev gymnasium, he took part in Amateur theatricals, After graduating from the gymnasium he entered the Kiev University's law faculty, but the love of theater overpowered jurisprudence. In 1905 he joined the repertory company of Michael Boroday. During the tour Vera Komissarzhevskaya he has acted in the theatre. In St. Petersburg Alexander Tairov became a party to the experiments of Vsevolod Meyerhold in the field of "conventional" theatre. He played a lot, but cool style of the new directions didn't like it. In 1907 he left the theatre and for many years was an opponent of Meyerhold. Tairov was not accepted and the naturalistic style of the Art theatre. For some time he worked in various Metropolitan and provincial theatres. In a traveling theater troupe Paul Gaidabura he carried out his first production of "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. The performance was warmly received by the public and the press. In 1913 he graduated from the law faculty of St. Petersburg University and decided to quit the theater. However, he agreed to work at the Free theater of Konstantin Mardzhanov. Here he met Alice Koonen, a Union which has defined much of his life and work. In Free theatre has staged two performances of "the Veil of Pierrette" and "The yellow jacket", marching with great success. However Free theatre collapsed at the end of the season. In 1914 with part of the Free theatre troupe Tairov founded the Chamber theatre, which he led for more than 35 years. He called the theatre of the neorealist art of emotionally saturated forms. Tairov professed principles of synthetic theatre as a self-sufficient art. Such a theatre was to combine the different elements of theatre: word, song, pantomime, dance, circus, etc. The Basis for this integration was to be the art of the actor.